Business Solutions

IBS is specialized in providing Transformation & Technology solutions towards achieving desired business goals and objectives. Transformation including Business Process analysis, modeling and optimization are performed per international standards, notations (BPMN 2.0) and languages (e.g. Unified Modeling Language – UML) in adaptation to client’s requirements, vision and environment. IBS Technology Advisers & software development team are specialized in open platform modeling for maximum flexibility and cloud computing. IBS is product, vendor and technology independent company aim to offer optimal solutions that are best fit for client’s environment.

By Adapting international standards of Business Process Modeling (BPM), IBS delivers digitized & automated workflow solutions (both processes & tools) to govern, monitor and control the working environment and hence maximize productivity.

IBS Delivery General Approach:

  • Understanding the environment
  • Drafting or revising business process modeling
  • Solution design
  • User Experience & User Interface
  • Software development to produce an on-line platform to transform working style into 100% paperless
  • Deployment, Training and Support

The delivered platform (which is going to be custom made for & owned by Client) will contain some of all of the following components:

  • Process automation to help with operational delivery workflow
  • Resources management & HR
  • Financial and accounting system
  • Dashboard for the executive properly reflecting performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Reports & Analysis
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Interface with all external entities that Client work with
  • Documents and Files central repository system
  • CRM

Furthermore, IBS also offers “Transformation Management” programs as consultancy services to assist them minimize overhead, turn their companies around and finding new success. Transformation management is all about how to move a company from its current state to a desirable future state. We have helped many clients turn their companies around, finding new success even during economically difficult times.