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Where Deep Business Knowledge Meets Technical Mastery


Where Deep Business Knowledge Meets Technical Mastery

Business Driven Customized Software Solutions

Custom software & mobile applications development with a full life cycle support for Business Process workflow based operation

Transformation & Business Process Modeling

we use standard program management methodology, with Approved PMIS (e.g. EPM, Primavera, etc.) as the overall guiding project management framework that allows us to deliver consistent results to clients like you.

Smart Environment Consulting Services

Fully integrating technology with energy systems to provide end users with an interactive, convenient, and luxurious automated environment.

What we do

At IBS, through our Technology Advisory Services, providing smart building means fully integrating technology with energy systems to provide end users with an interactive, convenient, and luxurious automated environment. The process starts from the time of concept development and becomes a part of the building’s soul, reflecting on the very identity of the project. Not only does this futuristic yet accessible technology benefit end users, it reduces energy-related expenses for your business and helps the environment, too. We equip real estate entities with technological features with purposes of cost savings, convenience, practicality, and even luxury. We are there every step of the way, from providing an initial consultation to designing an open platform to control buildings from a centralized command center.

Smart Environment Solution (SES) is equipping a building , cluster of buildings, or a community/campus with fully integrated technology systems to become an interactive, convenient and even luxurious environment for the end user. Environment could cover residential towers, villas, utilities, government or public services estate, or commercial towers or complexes. SES is an end-to-end solution starting from external infrastructure all the way to user’s end point(s). SES main Return On Investment (ROI) is Energy conservation, Sell or lease faster, Increase Property value, and Return revenues to Landlord or Owners Association. IBS value-add is to translate client requirements into effective properly integrated end operation. IBS core services towards Smart Environment is to Define, Design, and Manage Delivery of various smart building components within any building type.

IBS has developed in-depth knowledge in key systems within Smart Environment including, but not limited to Parking systems, Elevator systems, Digital media, Public announcement systems, Networking, Wireless systems, IPTV, Telephony, Internet, Access control, Surveillance, Video conferencing, Unified &/or Consolidated billing, Tenant self-service portals, Power backup, Data centers, Building management & Automation systems.

IBS general approach and model of services within Smart Environment domain is depicted by this disclosed diagram.

Provide End to End E-Commerce solutions from inception to operation & support spanning across customer experience to automated backend engines. E-Commerce is not just about putting up a website with products available to sell online. In fact, this part constitutes less than 20% an e-commerce project! IBS has developed best-practice capabilities backed up with certified development & QA teams to define and develop products of most fit for Saudi companies who need to bring their businesses into online trading. Clients working with us have saved millions of riyals by avoiding critical investment mistakes.

Our multidisciplinary team now works with retailers to do the following for each project:

  • Perform internal & External environment readiness assessment
  • Develop business case
  • Produce technology plan
  • Produce supply chain plan
  • Produce financial plan
  • Produce third party integration plan
  • Compose project plan
  • Compose operating plan
  • Procure or develop E-commerce platform
  • Deploy, Train and provide operational support

IBS team have expertise in identification and deployment of best-practice solutions for implementing what client needs at both sides (i.e. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) including all key modules such as HR, Accounting, Financial Management, Dashboards, Unified & Consolidated billing, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows companies to manage their interactions with clients efficiently. CRM calls for the use of technology to synchronize sales, customer service, marketing, and technical support activities. IBS has experience implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal and consolidated billing systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the back-end platform that secures proper efficient operation across HR, Finance, Supply Chain, and many other functions related to client’s working environment. CRM and ERP compliment each others under one central operational on-line cloud based engine.

Some important goals of CRM include:

  • Gaining new customers
  • Sustaining High Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) with current customers
  • Winning back former customers
  • Cutting costs associated with marketing and serving customers

By Adapting international standards of Business Process Modeling (BPM), IBS delivers automated workflow solutions (both processes & tools) to maximize productivity. Also, as an extension to BPM, we offer to clients “Transformation Management” programs to assist them minimize overhead, turn their companies around and finding new success. Transformation management is all about how to move a company from its current state to a desirable future state. We have helped many clients turn their companies around, finding new success even during economically difficult times.

IBS starts the process with an internal environment analysis that covers all functions of the organization. Based on this analysis, we produce a transformation plan that covers the technology (software development) and processes (workflow development), as well as the legal, functional, and financial structure, that will be needed to best develop the company. We have worked on projects for as short a period of time as a few months and as long as a couple of years, so we can be there as long as the process takes.

One of our application development & deployment services is workflow and process definition. Essentially, we chart out the activities necessary to complete the tasks involved with a client’s work step-by-step. This allows employees to benefit from an efficient, well-understood workflow.

By utilizing IBS’s 5-D model to help clients in specific areas, we begin by working closely with client to understand their environment and requirements (D1: Define). We then design standardized workflow model that fits both requirements and environment. We also produce a detailed Functional Specification Document for the client to review and approve. This FSD becomes the baseline for us to develop applications, integration set-up, third party requirements, and so on (D2: Design). We use our offsite set-up services, coordinated via our development cloud, to let the client see the status of these developments. Here, we use the Waterfall validation model (D3: Develop). Once the client approves what is on our development cloud, we then move to set up the application in the client’s own environment. This can either be locally, on their servers, or over their hosting cloud (D4: Deploy). Finally, we provide documentation, training, and handover support (D5: Deliver).


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